Ways to Evaluate Your Site for User Experience

“Content is king!”, “Create a quality and responsive website!”. These are just two of the many directives you often hear when it comes to topping search engine rankings. However, what is quality outside the context of user experience and expectations? As everyone is doing search engine optimisation, it is time to shift to search experience optimisation to create a genuine relationship with your audience.

Answering a Need

Google wants answers from websites as most of the queries made by users are in question form, even if the wording is different. The search engine giant wants websites to provide an answer every time a user makes a query.

A user’s intention may be to make a purchase, read reviews or get more information about a product’s features; your website must provide an answer to these potential questions in one way or another.

Succeeding Clicks

The click behaviour of users also reveals their experience whenever they enter your website. Short clicks are a quick return to the search page from your website. Long clicks refer to a delay before a user returns to Google; the longer a visitor stays on your webpage, the higher the chance of a conversion and indicates a good user experience.

Pogosticking is a term referring to the bouncing back and forth of a user between several results on Google. Next click refers to the page entered after pogosticking back to the results page; they either begin a new query or click on one of the listings.

The next click of a visitor is a key indicator of their experience while browsing your website. Did they find the information they need? Did they make a purchase? If a user returns to the results page and clicks on a different website, it means their first search was unsatisfactory.

How Western Creative Improves Search Experience

We at Western Creative understand the importance of user experience. Understanding your target market gives you the edge over your competitors. Through our integrated search engine optimisation, web design, remarketing and social media services, we will help you create the experience your audience is looking for to convert them into paying visitors and long-term customers.

Our experts will guide you through the entire SEO process to allow you to navigate through the changes and challenges during strategy implementation. We will help you with keyword research, content creation and link building.

Contact us get to know more about how we can help you create a memorable website experience for your market.