Using Mentions as a Link Building Strategy

Monitoring whenever other websites or individuals mention your brand gives you a glimpse of how far your reach is and if your company has any recall with your target market. This data enables you to create an effective link building strategy and enhance your online reputation.

Turn Mentions into a Link

Now that you know the importance of web mentions, start using media monitoring for insight on linked keywords or topics that you cover or interest you, this works well if you are an authority in your chosen niche. Free tools such as Google Alerts, Brand Mentions and Talk Walker provide varied results; try each one to identify which works best for your strategy.

The mentions will have words that link to certain pages. Some are unavailable or link to 404 pages, making it important to contact the site administrator and mention some of your links as a potential replacement. Make sure that the page you suggest has a similar topic but is covered in a better way.

An outreach strategy is important to enable you to create alerts on specific and niche-oriented content. The two main reasons website owners fail to succeed in their outreach is that they do not address the sites that show interest in their topics or they are not reaching out the way they should. The email copy must contain all the information a reader needs to either accept or reject your offer.

By applying basic empathy principles, a website would not link to your page if they do not want search engines to associate their site with yours. Just because someone mentioned you does not mean that they will link immediately; they will still consider the quality of the content you publish.

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