Using Comments to Bolster Your Content Marketing Strategy

Online marketers that create content want others to see it, read it and share it. Metrics such as likes, shares and visits enable you to determine how successful the content you produce is. However, comments give you a glimpse of how engaged your audience is.

Engaging Your Audience through Comments

When someone comments on a forum post or blog, they enter into a discussion on a specific topic, with the goal to get more answers or deepen their knowledge about it. This gives you an opportunity to show what you know and engage with your audience.

A majority of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have updates where you can respond to updates with links to similar content or important points about a certain topic. Combining both strategies give value to a reader as you offer context or provide an answer to the question and a link for those who want to learn more.

Check for trending topics and see if your niche has a subject that allows you to start a conversation with your intended audience. Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn provide you with different options on how to determine which topics that certain groups of people show interest in.

Answer sites such as Quora and Wiselike are ideal places for marketing through comments as visitors are looking for information. However, remember to stay on topic and relevant to the discussion when you start placing links.

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