Users, Not Keywords: User Experience Ranks You Better

When it comes to search engines, matching keywords on web pages are a thing of the past. The continuous updates involve changes that move brands towards more complex concepts. In terms of SEO strategies, keyword research is no longer paramount.

In its place, user experience marketing plays a more realistic role. In fact, it is what you need to easily adapt to modern search engine algorithms.

Moving Beyond the Knowledge Graph

In 2012, Google moved away from its traditional methods and introduced the Knowledge Graph, intended to improve the newest generation of searching.

In 2013, the search engine giant introduced the Hummingbird. Consequently, the top ranked sites had to eliminate keyword stuffing. Keywords matter less now; it is all about paying attention to concepts, which bears a significant impact on on-page SEO.

You might ask: if Google said goodbye to keywords, how can we optimise the site for better ranking?
Google now uses user experience metrics in ranking sites.

Creating Content According to User Experience

When you build your content around keywords, you struggle with obtaining links. Links are still important ranking factors, so your SEO strategy should not miss this. Also, this is where your user experience marketing will shine the most.

Remember, your site should focus on your users. When you depend on keywords, your site will feel more sterile and it is not good for your audience. It makes promoting your brand difficult because it is not built around user experience. Unless your page encourages enthusiasm, do not expect sustained traffic of excited users when you merely depend on keywords as your hook.

It’s All about the Experience

The best kind of link is not the link alone — it is one that promotes a positive experience. When your site focuses on helping your audience rather than bombarding them with links, more shares will come your way. Hyperlinks should be the sharing of an experience, not keywords.

So, steer your eyes away from keywords for the meantime and focus more on your users. After all, they matter more to you, similar to how you matter to us. Here at West Coast Online, we can help you develop a better SEO strategy that targets your market.

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