Twitter Fabric: What’s Inside the New Platform?

Twitter has finally gone beyond its service as a microblogging platform. On 22 October, it has launched the platform called “Fabric,” which is an all-in-one tool for developers to create mobile apps. From the looks of it, Fabric will further reinforce Twitter’s role as a viable tool for ad and content distribution.

In a nutshell, Fabric is Twitter’s answer to the growing need for a comprehensive SDK (software development kit, non-developers). It merges the functions of all the important app development tools today in one platform; namely, these four:


The reality is that apps crash — and some do so more often than necessary. Fortunately, Twitter has an answer to this stability issue: Crashlytics. The tool features a real-time reporting function of app crashes and issuing bug fixes for different problems. Through this, developers have a way of improving the stability and usability of a new app.

Twitter Kit

Twitter’s own tool is the main content distribution channel for the platform. Its basic functions are the embed tweet and Twitter sign-in features. The tweet composer – a new tool – has made its debut as well, whichallows users to share important moments straight from the app. Although this is possible with other SDKs, Fabric makes it easier to implement the function.


No SDK will be complete without a kit dedicated to generating revenue, which is why Twitter has included the MoPub kit in Fabric. As one of the top monetization platforms today, the MoPub simplifies the whole process of serving ads through the app. Be it banners, video, or native ads, Fabric’s revenue tool can integrate it.


The fourth cool feature of Fabric is Digits, which improves the app’s security through a mobile phone number sign-in function. The tool follows the same infrastructure of Twitter, which means developers need not deal with contracts and negotiations with different mobile carriers.

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