The Effectiveness of Bragging

Blogs are easy to set-up, but because of the vast number of them out on the web, it’s incredibly difficult to collect an audience. Even niche blogs are beginning to feel the pinch of the intensifyingcompetition. This is because more and more companies are realising that being as specific as possible is the best strategy to get attention from Google, and subsequently, potential readers.

The Bragging Strategy

There are plenty of strategies that blogs can employ to raise their status in the eye of both bots and users, but chances are good that everyone else is doing the same thing. The only way anyone can rise above the din of the competition is if they do something that only a few others can — brag.

The most important aspect of SEO that companies need to realise is that it’s a community that regularly collaborates.As such, blog posts with useful information get re-blogged on other sites; writers interview other bloggers, or invite their peers to join them on a podcast. These are all exciting times for any blogger, but it’s useless if no one knows about it.

Feature Yourself

It’s actually quite strange that not more blogs have a ‘Featured In’ page or an ‘as seen on’ banner somewhere on their site. This is the place where bloggers get to place all of their appearances, invites, and interviews on other sites, or at important events. It may be because some bloggers are of the mind that bragging gets people nowhere, but that’s not true at all.

The ‘Featured In’ page has a dual purpose, which no blog can do without. First, it automatically gives the blog a voice of authority that’s otherwise difficult for readers to determine. There’s virtually no bigger endorsement than a vote of confidence from industry peers. Second, the page will act as links to other websites, which Google will see as authoritative, index the information and rank the blog accordingly.

Having something significant to say is still the most important thing in blogging, but don’t neglect to sell yourself in the ever-competitive digital arena. If you need help in the second department, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll work closely with you to form an online identity and sell it to the world for the continuous improvement of your business.