Starting the Year with a Bang: Simple Local SEO Tips for 2015

What may be an effective method for your campaign last year won’t guarantee the same results this year. It is advisable to get to know the new guidelines to do well (or even better) in your local search ranking in 2015.

You can start by doing away with all the unethical methods to fool Google. Instead, use your energy in finding a way to make your site better and exert more effort to achieve this plan. Take a look at your site and those of your competitors. Note all the differences and similarities with your site, and then decide what areas you would focus on to outlast the competition.

Avoid the Usual Troubles

Make sure you’ve completely avoided the most common and basic pitfalls. These include having no content on your home page, limited sentences or just phrases on a page, keywords spam, and unsightly title tags.

Home page content is essential so that your customers can easily know what you’re all about. Don’t be vague in describing what your brand is and what you offer for them. Settling for shorter sentences has never been the answer. Don’t just fill the lines; make sure all information is directly relevant.

Quality site is what sells more to the customers and what ranks higher in search engines. Get rid of all the junk keywords on your site. It’s not about the quantity anymore. As much as keyword is important, you need to keep your title tags attractive. Keep it short but in full context and precision.

Mind the Local Optimisation

Never disregard the importance of your local optimisation. On-site signals have more weight in rankings than the citations you provide. No matter how many keywords you provide, as long as there are no proper on-site signals, Google won’t pay much attention because it expects these local indicators.

It’s not that complicated to compete in the local market. You just have to remember than your title tag, H1 heading, content, alt text on images, and URL all contain your city or state. You can’t survive in the local competition if you don’t indicate where you’re located and what local market you’re after to.

Ensuring a strong marketing campaign in the local competition is essential for the company. At West Coast Online, we offer effective and SEO services that can help your business achieve a high rank on the local market. Contact us now and see how our strategies build your reputation to boost traffic.