Standing Out on Facebook

Almost everyone is on Facebook. From kids to seniors, most people have actively liked and shared on this well-loved social network.

Since 2004, the social media site has gathered over 1.23 billion active users worldwide. Brands should benefit from this data because their target audience is present online. Posting ads on Facebook increases a brand’s presence online.

Pinpoint Your Target

Apart from the massive numbers reached, Facebook offers businesses to know their possible consumers better. Online users fill their walls with information about themselves, including hobbies and interests.

Knowing the target audience is an advantage. Facebook allows advertisers to choose which groups their ads should reach. Companies can choose their targets based on the information submitted. A user’s likes and shares reflect their interest. If the brand’s product matches the users, the latter is likely to be a target.

Do Your Own Tracking

Facebook offers tracking services. The company keeps tabs on the number of times an ad was shown or clicked by users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go beyond what users do after they click, leaving the brands to wonder what their target market does after visiting the page. Did they do anything or simply looked and left?

It’s important for a brand to have its personal tracking. This way, the company can customise and analyse more data regarding the market. Gathering more information from analytical programs will boost a brand’s advantage.

Carefully Crafted Ads Matter

Brands have the power to craft well-thought of ads. Companies write their own product description, usually accompanied by images to attract users. Usually, this is enough, but receiving attention amongst the numerous competitors plus user notifications is difficult.

An ad must stand out to receive attention. Extra creativity is essential to attract more clicks from consumers. Brands should make use of the user profiles to know their audience better, therefore, knowing what will grab their attention.

It pays to go beyond the norm of advertising, but not beyond what Facebook bans.

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