It’s Not Complicated: Keeping it Simple is the Key to SEO

The face of SEO continues to stride with the march of progress. Because of all the progress and current innovations, optimisation seems to be more complicated than before.

With all the advancements, it is easy to forget the basics. Some brands believe that looking ahead is the solution for SEO success. In reality, it also pays to look back once in a while. If you are quick to play with the shiny new features of SEO, you might compromise your strategy.

Amidst the new techniques, the simplicity of the basics is your solid foundation. Here are some time-tested strategies you might have overlooked:

Hello to the Title Tag

The title tag is one of the simplest aspects brands often forget. After content, this little detail is actually the second most important on-page factor. Because of its major role, overlooking title tags is one of the greatest SEO sins.

These tags are not only important for search engines, but for users as well. Whenever they search on Google, they will see these tags, which are noticeable elements of the SERP. By following a standard pattern and refraining from keyword stuffing, you keep your site optimised with this simple factor.

Good Content will ALWAYS Be King

Despite the numerous innovative SEO services you hire, if you ignore quality content, then your efforts will go to waste.

Quickly produced content will not get your brand anywhere. The massive quantity of content is not enough to get Google to notice the business. Instead of focusing on the quantity, pay attention to quality.
Unique content is your gateway towards SEO success. A singular piece of content that compels others to share is worth more than a number of blogs with no readers.

Never Forget the UX (User Experience)

The key to a flawless SEO strategy is also simple: offer the best user experience.

Your efforts should be all about improving a user’s experience. After all, these people are your target market. It is a multi-disciplinary approach that drives you to develop a functional site, create good backlinks, and come up with relevant keywords.

With SEO, it will always be complicated as there are always new things and techniques to learn. But whether you are a professional or a rookie in the field, the basics will always matter. Here at West Coast Online, we help you create strategies founded on these fundamentals. With our assistance, you will enjoy simple plans that work.