How to Make Community Management Matter

A community that supports your product — this is every businesses dream.

Your brand develops a fan and follower base and the need to engage with them arises. They ask questions on launching your new products, nearest franchise, prices and so on. An ideal situation, isn’t it?

Having tasked yourself to watch over the daily operations, meet with various suppliers and manufacturer and partners, you find answering queries on social media and emails time consuming. But is it really not worth your time?

Whether you contemplate about productivity or costing, engaging your fan base is important. In everything you do, put your customers first and your efforts will pay off. The trick is to focus your efforts where it is needed.

Brand Voice

Imagine it this way — you are making a “person” out of your brand. How would this “person” answer questions or accept recommendations? How should your community perceive this “person”? Your established brand voice is not exclusively on your social media. You will use it across all customer-engaging platforms, like email and telecommunications.

Ongoing Content Schedules

A content schedule will help you maintain your online presence and manage content as well. Track your content and develop a posting schedule. Keep your content optimised for better search results. How many times should you tweet or post every day? Are your posts relevant to your audience?

Two-way Communication

Lastly, note that social media is primarily for interaction and communication. Give value to the feedback, complimentary or otherwise. Respond as you would to a beloved customer. Answer in a timely manner and communicate sincerely. Remember that as social beings, we feel warm towards an accommodating and friendly person, be it in pers on or online.

Establishing a social media presence, raising it to a happy state and maintaining it can be a totally tiring project, but it’s all worth it if you focus on the big picture. Discuss your plans with us and make your online presence felt.