Facebook’s Topic Data: Know What Your Market is Talking About

Businesses work hard to understand their audience, and the largest social networking site is an avenue for them to do so. The launch of the newest feature on Facebook will stir great change for marketers all over the world, but first for the US and the UK. With Topic Data, page owners will see what their target audience is talking about — brands, events, subjects, and even activities.

Before its launch, the service was available through third-party tools; however, identifying the number and the market that brands penetrated were unattainable. This served as a challenge for the Facebook team, but in collaborating with Data Shift, they were able to create a service that not only gathers data, but also turns them into valuable insights. Marketers will now have in-depth knowledge of what goes through their prospective consumers’ minds — making their market penetrability and reach grow even more.

Knowledge is Power

What makes your target market tick? This is a question that begs an inconceivable answer, and is now attainable with Topic Data. Pieces of information collected from this service are anonymous. Topic Data hands businesses an aggregated and integrated report of the data and its interpretations, not the raw ones.

Now that marketers can get a hold of information on their consumers’ habits, activities, and personalities, they can now easily determine their next move more accurately — when to advertise, how to attract them, who to talk to, and what to offer them.

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