Engagement: The #1 Measure of Social Media Success

The traditional thinking used to be that success on social media was all about volume. People looked at it as mostly a numbers game, so to speak. Companies used to feel that as long as they managed to get their message out to as many people as possible, and got a huge number of followers on their various accounts, they were doing well.

How times have changed! Both are still extremely important, but they are now only part of what makes any social media campaign successful. Experts and businesses alike focus a lot more on quality these days, and there are few better measures of this than fan engagement.

Ask yourself: how well do you really connect with your brand’s fans? You might be churning out an impressive number of posts or tweets, but does it really matter if you always get a cold reception? This is why engagement is so important; it is what makes devoting your time, effort, and resources to social media worth it.

Engagement Shows Which Brands “Get it”

High levels of engagement make for an impressive social media presence. Just imagine what a positive effect it will have on your company’s image if you have happy customers enthusiastically commenting, sharing, and otherwise interacting with your posts on a regular basis. It’s a great way to naturally develop brand ambassadors and win over new business.

The most important rule to remember is that engagement is a two-way street; it doesn’t just spontaneously happen, you have to slowly build and encourage it over time. Many brands don’t interact with or even acknowledge their fans on social media accounts, rationalising that they are “too busy” for it. Don’t fall into this way of thinking, as you are never too busy to talk to the people that support your business.

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