Effective Ways to Establish Credibility on Social Media

Creating an account on social media sites doesn’t mean that your business will succeed. How you’re planning to use Facebook and Twitter, among others, for your business is what matters. It’s important to have a strategy that can help establish your credibility, so that your customers won’t have a doubt about choosing you. Here’s a few tips we’ve listed to help you get started:

Promote Transparency

In today’s digital world, consumers talk about issues related to your products and services online. Whether they like them or not, they need someone to listen to their opinions. Research shows that 77% of consumers are willing to buy if a brand is active on social media. In addition, about 82% trust businesses more because they can easily reach out to them.

Benefit from social media’s maximum potential by using it as a customer service tool. Reply to queries, suggestions, and complaints to show that there’s nothing to hide. If you’re quick and effective at handling their concerns, you’re showing how reliable your services are.

Build Relationships through Trust

Opening an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest gives an impression that you’re ready to engage and build relationships with your potential market. Don’t always talk about your business, though. Share something educational to make them feel that you’re concerned about their everyday problems. This will build their trust in you.

Prove that you gained your fans and followers organically, as well, that there’s no buying involved. Celebrate the smallest achievements and show your appreciation by publishing thank you posts, giving away freebies, or holding contests.

At West Coast Online (West Coast Online), we want you to make the most of social media. After all, it’s your first step to success. Contact us or visit our homepage to know how we can help you.