Effective Brand Storytelling: The 4 Essential Elements

Branding. This isn’t a new word, or a concept made just yesterday. Some people think that branding is simply the “look” of the website. With a simple logo, font and colour scheme, companies can instantly establish their own brand.

But a brand is more than just the appearance. It is an effective way to tell stories, build identity and reveal the personality of a company. Branding is a way to earn the trust and loyalty of the target market, making it a strategic priority. It can sum up your business’s mission and vision.

As a trusted name in Australia’s digital marketing industry and who’s always ready to adapt to client needs, we want to share the key elements of a solid brand storytelling. Use this to tell an effective brand story that can take you one step closer to success.

Real Story

A great brand story should be complete. That simply means there is a beginning, middle and an end. On your website, you can include how you started your business, what have you done to make your way up and what you would do to survive and thrive. Brand storytelling need not be long, as long as your message is clear.


Effective brand storytelling has a paramount need for engaging content. When you connect with your customers, you help boost your bottom line.


Create an emotionally compelling content. Take inspiration from TOMS shoes, which focuses on helping those in need and less fortunate in life. Their mission is to help someone for every product purchased by customers. Profits aside, connecting to people through emotions is a great way to strengthen a brand.


Make your target market want more. If you want your customers to keep coming back, show them how interesting your business is. When people cannot get what they want, they will do everything to have it.

At West Coast Online, we take brand storytelling seriously. Our comprehensive web design services provide quick and consistent results to help you achieve success.

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