Consistent or Frequent Posting: Which is Better?

We all know how regular posting affects a page rank: it tells search engines that the person behind a website is still alive. Google loves a website that is well maintained and updated. The question we need to answer is how often do we need to confirm our presence?

Increasing Quantity

Social media marketers are debating whether they need to increase their blog posts to improve their performance. The more topics you cover in a short span of time, the more chances you can get a reader to follow or subscribe to your website. Logical, but tiring.

The take is that there will come a point where you will have to slow down or risk getting burnt out and drained. It is pretty hard to keep up with multiple postings unless you are an online daily newspaper.


Fortunately, someone did a test and found that productivity does not equate performance. Michael Hyatt, a professional blogger and speaker, experimented on the effects of decreasing his post from five times a week to three.

Hyatt found that his traffic did not change. Posting once a week, he added, is the minimum effective dose to get readers and traffic. He recommends, though, to only increase your quota if it is sustainable in the long run.

There are many ways a website or blog continues to survive by just writing a few, well written gems than pushing for a higher number. One, consistency builds trust that you only get over time. Two, consistency grows your platform as only with time can you spot improvement points and upgrade areas. Three, consistency creates tightly linked communities.

Ever wonder why people warn you of spreading yourself too thin? That is what happens when you try to cram in everything in a short time. That is what you give your readers by focusing on quantity.

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