Be Clever: Tweak Your Old Blog Posts for Social Media

Have you been blogging for a while now? Perhaps your website has hundreds of articles in the archives. After all, the need for fresh, unique content is constant.

Successful business owners who value their identity online know how important it is to build and execute great content. If you find yourself struggling to keep your customers engaged lately, then it’s time to consider repurposing your old articles for social media.

If you think you can’t do that, think again. As a trusted name in Perth’s digital marketing industry, we thought it’s best to share the best ways on how you can make that old blog post look appealing again.

Create Killer SlideShare Presentations

The first step you should take is to look for those blogs that are forever useful. After that, turn them into must-see SlideShare presentations. Be sure to make the content up-to-date. Add trends, news or statistics. Find great visuals. Don’t forget to create an intriguing title to make your audience curious and interested.

Make Catchy Photo Quotes

This is another way to promote your old articles. Start by citing an attention-grabbing quote from one of your blogs and turn it into an image. Post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Like an old denim trouser in your closet, your blog posts a few months ago still got some flavour. This can happen if you know what your customers really want to see on your page.

Create Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

So you had awesome tips, guides and how-to articles in the past that gained quite a lot of attention. Why not turn them into a video, then post the clip on YouTube? As video marketing quickly became popular, use it to your advantage. Chances are, this strategy will help you get new traffic and leads.

When you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+, notice that everyone wants an action. To keep your business at the top of its game, you need to grow your social media presence by having compelling content regularly.

The Western Creative team will take your business right where it should be. From strengthening your reputation to boosting sales and increasing your site’s web traffic, our effective SEO strategies will help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us today.