Breaking Bad Habits: Web Design Mistakes You Need to Stop Right Now

Web designs are essential to invite customers to your site. Far too many websites from all across the world suffer from costly mistakes in terms of web design. Most often, these mistakes are simple in nature.

Here are the web design mistakes that you need to stop right now:

Thinking of You Instead of Users

It is a simple concept that many companies tend to forget. Users do not care about your company; they care about themselves. The more you offer them what they want and need to see, the better off you will be.

Not Being Clear Enough

It often goes back to the basics. In the quest to make better, bolder web designs, designers tend to forget its most basic aspects. Visitors should be able to figure out what you are offering them in a mere four seconds or less.

Dazzling Yet Not Selling

While it is indeed important to make a great impression on potential customers, stopping there will get you nowhere. Impressing visitors is only the first step; you need to sell to them for your web design to truly be worth the effort you put into it.

Making Your Site Too Big

Bigger is not always better, and this is definitely the case when it comes to web design. When it comes to online browsing, users hardly ever have the time to scroll through intricate designs. They mean business and they want it fast. Otherwise, you will simply end up losing them to competitors.

Designing Complex Navigation

One too many web designers fall prey to this. Always keep things simple. As much as intricate designs can be a virtual eye candy, too much of it will only frustrate users and cause them to browse elsewhere.

Those who do not learn from mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them. These are the web design mistakes you need to stop right now.

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