Balancing on the Transitional Edge

Search is currently in transition mode as digital technology is making another shift in its short, but eventful history. This is mostly thanks to the evolution of the hardware from personal computers and laptops, to tablets and smartphones.

The Edge of Change

Right now, the world is in what can be described as a transitional edge, wherein everyone knows that mobile is the future, but few are willing to discard desktops and laptops. Consumers are constantly weaving and shifting between the two, with technologies such as voice search becoming more common.

This puts industries such as SEO in a unique situation where they’ll need to provide for two different platforms at the same time. This requires companies to formulate different strategies, structures, and even formats.

It’s going to be difficult trying to juggle all the new responsibilities that mobile technology will bring to the table, with the ones that already exist. One of the ways SEO can succeed in this is by ensuring that certain concepts don’t elude their attention – concepts such as platform expectations and opportunities.

Is Mobile Shifting Really Necessary

There’s a growing misconception among clients that there isn’t much difference between traditional SEO and its mobile counterpart. That statement may be technically true, but it ignores how consumers get online through different platforms.

Imagine holding a smartphone while browsing the web on a desktop. A smart consumer would input two different sets of keywords into the two platforms. The results that give them a more convenient experience will get their click, regardless of the platform.

Buying In

Convincing clients to take up the case of mobile SEO will be the most difficult part of weathering the transitional edge. But, once they buy-in to the concept that they need to get ready for mobile, they’ll have more avenues and channels to reach their intended audience.

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