4 SEO Strategies that Seem Smart But are Actually Ineffective

There are SEO strategies that seem smart, but are no longer effective because of Google’s updates. There are companies that still implement these tactics thinking that they still help their websites. Some of these strategies are still effective, but only in small doses.

Managing Several Websites

Businesses that create several websites for their company have the same goal, to attract more visitors to their products and services. They think that if one site is good for business, why not make a hundred for each service or product they offer? The extra websites create confusion and run the risk of penalties for duplicate content. If you link these websites to each other, you are looking at spam link schemes that will drop your ranking. Instead of implementing this strategy, choose a single website and put a 301 redirect on all of your websites.

Optimising Anchors

Including keywords in your anchor text has already been as a spam technique based on Google?s recent updates. Optimising anchor texts puts you at risk of dropping a rank and losing traffic. Businesses think that by using optimised anchor texts, they help boost the target destination for their chosen terms. Instead of using this worn out strategy, use the URL or brand of your company as the anchor text.

Putting Scripts, Tracking Codes and Plugins

Tracking codes and other lines of code track the performance of websites, such as analytics, search results, and others. Using code and tracking data on your website is important, but it loses its value when you put too many codes. Too many scripts lead to a slower loading time, which reduces a website?s effectiveness to improve ranking and retain traffic. Carefully choose which plugins to put on your site to maintain loading speed and keep track of its performance.

Focusing on One Content Making Strategy

Businesses have realised the importance of content marketing, but only use one or two strategies for their website. They rely too heavily on one technique, but fail to remember that SEO is fickle, one strategy may work one day, but will not be as effective the day after. Diversify your content-making technique by using newsletters, blog posts on your website, and white papers just to name a few. Avoid these SEO pitfalls with the help of West Coast Online. West Coast Online provides reliable SEO services that will improve your page rank, track performance, implement social media strategies, and other tactics.