3 SEO Pitfalls to Avoid When Updating a Site

Search engines — Google, especially — prioritise websites that offer fresh, relevant content to users. This is precisely why websites need to go through regular updates. If you fail to add something new and original to your site, there’s a good chance your site will end up lacking in terms of visibility.

Nonetheless, not all updates you make are beneficial for your site’s SEO. Truth be told, some of these practices can actually affect your marketing campaign negatively. We have seen websites drop several places in the rankings just because of these practices, so you should steer clear of the following:

Excessive Rich Media

Images and videos are a great way to enhance the visuals of your website. Do note, however, that you shouldn’t depend too much on rich media. Whilst these are useful, they do not help that much when it comes to SEO.

Google cannot index rich media, at least not yet. The best the search giant’s crawlers can do is read the filename, the description, and the tags on these files. Other than that, Google cannot factor in the content of the image or video. As such, every website update should contain a fair share of crawlable text and supplementary rich media to address both SEO and UX concerns.

Problematic URL Structures

How consistent are the URLs you use for every update? You should optimise your entire site and make sure that every page is consistent with each other. This is because Google takes into account the history and correctness of a website’s URL structure. Broken links are something that could negatively affect your site’s search rankings.

The best practice is to adopt a consistent practice when it comes to naming URLs. If ever you move your content, make sure there are proper 301 redirects.

SEO Strategy Disconnect

As your site’s content updates, so should your SEO strategy. There shouldn’t be a disconnect between the two, as it would limit the potential growth and visibility of a website. An onsite audit of your website and your SEO campaign will go a long way in bridging the gap that every update brings. Doing so allows you to spot the areas that need improvement which you can address in your future SEO efforts.

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